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Following the Choice research and subsequent recommendation of Good 2 Go I have purchased this Insurance for a couple of overseas trips. Last year I bought their MultiTrip offer for 12 months cover for both my wife and I. We went to Europe, within Australia and several trips to Asia. Good value, No problems and No claims. Good result. I have just been onto Good 2 Go website to buy another 12 months, having read that they are still a Choice recommendation ( November 2106), to discover the Multi Trip Insurance policy is now over 50% more expensive than last year!! I have double checked the quote even using the previous ages - same result over 50% increase in premium. I cannot find any mention in Choice November 2106 of benefits being increased by more than 50%. Choice did you check the premiums? Or is this an Insurance rip off again, become popular and sneak up premiums.

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Hi @money, thanks for highlighting the price increase with us on our Community forum. I’ll pass on this information to our team who worked on this report.

In answer to your question, we look at price both comparatively and in terms of value for money based on the protection the policy offers. Prices can be subject to change though, it might be worthwhile to review the travel insurance comparison online (free to access). Have a look around and see if you can find a policy that offers what you need for a better price, and if you feel inclined, please let us know how you go with it all.

Thanks for the tip. The price component of the score is based on the price relative to the rest of the market, so the recommendation will be re-assessed when we next do a full review to find out how they compare to the rest of the market. We’ll be updating annual multi-trip insurance quite soon so we’ll see how they go.

After checking Choice for the best travel insurance, I went to Good2Go’s web site and filled in the form - only to then be told that I would have to call a number and be quizzed about my health, after which they would tell me whether they would insure me and if so, how much they would charge.

Annoyed, I ended up at a certain bank’s insurance site (which bank? clearly, I’m a risk taker) which had an on-line, quite comprehensive and quite reasonable questionnaire regarding my health. In about a minute, I had a quote (albeit inflated) and took out their policy.

I understand that insurance companies need to know about pre-existing health conditions (they wouldn’t want to take a risk, after all), but to take all your details - then start asking a whole lot of questions which impact on their offer is at very least inconvenient, and at worst, bordering on deceptive … in my humble opinion.

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Thanks @ShaneB. Good2go don’t seem to be the most convenient insurer for pre-existing conditions. The request to call them is probably a prelude to them informing you they charge an upfront fee for assessment of pre-existing conditions. We’ll include information on upfront fees for assessement of pre-existing conditions in our next review. You can also add your own user review of Good2Go at

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I note that even the “free travel insurance” that comes with CBA Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Credit Cards will not cover for pre-existing conditions unless you purchase cover for those conditions. You therefore have to disclose the health details to be covered for those medical items. By the way the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) runs to a good few pages, 79 I think it was.

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