Tow Truck Operators Grubby Tactics

An article regarding the disgusting tactics of the bottom-feeding grubs in the tow truck industry.

Some years ago, our elder daughter managed to rollover her car at the bottom of our street and we, as well as all the neighbours, waited for the ambulance to release her from her entrapment in her seatbelt in case we caused a medical disaster.

A tow truck arrived from the allegedly bikie-owned company tow truck business and tried to get me to sign for a tow, to which I said that i had already rang the local RACQ affilated towing business to which he attempted to demand it was his right.

When the RACQ affilated towing businesses arrived, the grub from the other tow truck tried to intimidate the driver and a police officer had to step in to educate him.

A few years later, our younger daughter misjudged a very tight roundabout and hit the curb thus causing some minor damage to the front suspension. and she called us.

By the time we arrived there, there was a grub from the same bottom-feeding towing scammers who proceeded to try to scam us that the vehicle was not safe to drive, and when we told him that we would drive it, he stated he would report it to the police.

I drove the vehicle home with out any problems and the repairer stated that there ware no serious problems with it.



Something worth remembering, having relied on a tow twice in the past decades. Once with the NRMA and once with the RACQ. It’s one aspect of the service that just works and we won’t criticise.

With two bikies in the family, that’s something else we will leave to others. As in Italy, being Italian does not require membership of the Mafia.


Each state is different. In metro Melbourne and parts of Geelong Victoria, prior abuses such as @Fred123 described resulted in laws governing trade towing (eg auto clubs, similar services, and independents for breakdowns and vehicle removals) and crash towing where there is a special license, an allocation system and a number to ring, described by Vicroads here.

A lot of us forget about that unless we are involved in a crash; those in the regions are left to fend for themselves.