Toshiba microwave review

I am thinking to buy the microwave Toshiba ML-EM45P but cannot see any reviews on it. Any idea of how good or bad it is?

Welcome @coco to the community.

The last Choice microwave tests in 2022 didn’t include any Toshiba models. Don’t know why. Maybe some reason that one of the Choice testers could answer.

Without knowing specifics, as has been posted in numerous topics over time, products that get tested are those having market share (eg what consumers are buying) as well as the occasional exemplar. In this case I can find no evidence the product is offered in the Australian market so it is curious where @coco intends to buy one.

One online seller is offering the model delivered from the USA as a 110-120V product. Target shows a hit but it appears to be an out-dated link google finds. Amazon AU has a few other Toshiba microwaves, sourced from the USA and UK.

Perhaps @coco could enlighten us as to where and why such a difficult to find model might be attractive?