Tony Delroy joins Tom Godfrey for new CHOICE podcast!

The inaugural episode of the CHOICE Podcast is here!

We reveal some of the hottest items on sale this Christmas, tell you which detergents are cleaning up and ask what now for Samsung? Also will one of the world’s most controversial trade agreements survive a Trump Presidency? We hear from The Age’s Economics Editor Peter Martin.

Join host, Tony Delroy and listen to the first episode here, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Somehow I have managed to overlook every mention of the Choice podcast until this evening, when I was about to create a new thread proposing just that and featuring one @BrendanMays. It does not appear that this post is in any of the current categories - is the podcast slipping through the cracks?

Additionally, the link appears to be broken, and my podcast app cannot find the necessary RSS feed. A web search informs me that there were only six episodes!

So - since it appears that there was a Choice podcast but it is no longer - I return to what I had intended to propose, which is a weekly consumer-focussed podcast hosted by @BrendanMays. The podcast would deal with:

  • This week’s recalls (cars, tomatoes, consumer electronics…)
  • What Choice has recently reviewed/examined
  • Current consumer campaigns
  • Hot topics in the Choice community

I look forward to thoughts, comments, additional suggestions and Brendan’s enthusiastic endorsement of this proposal.


I would also include a brief plug about ACL rights in every episode…perhaps each time something different eg No Returns signs, then major faults, then minor faults and so on.

A session on why consumers should join CHOICE, the benefits of CHOICE membership eg the Help service would also be beneficial to many.


Thanks for the comments! A revamped CHOICE podcast idea has definitely been on our radar, and I was interested to read the ideas here - if others have thoughts or suggestions on this, please post them here.


If you do institute the Podcasts why not have a media release to the TV, Newspapers, Social Media, and Radio about the restart of the programs so it is very much in the public eye. When something like campaigns are started also do another media release that points to the relevant podcast to raise more public interest.

Also how about a section that is something like “CHOICE in the News” where anything where CHOICE has been linked in the News or Reports can be highlighted.