Toddler Dies After Tricycle Accident In New Zealand

An article regardling a child dying after an accident involving a trike in NZ.

A Google search shows that Milazo trikes are offered for sale in Australia by but there may be other brands of trikes which are also dangerous.

The coroners comments:

The “parent” handle on the Milazo trike, bought from The Warehouse, gave the appearance that it could be used in the same way as a stroller, even if the safety instructions indicated it should not be used on steps or slopes.

The accident with the trike occurred when it was being used to go down a set of 7 stairs, with the 15 month old boy under parental control.

There are numerous recommendations noted within the article.


It may not be the trike per say that it is dangerous, but how it us used.

This unfortunately is an avoidable death. It is also a reminder to read safety instructions carefully, and adhere to them when a consumer product is used.

Stairs unfortunately pose a significant falling risk to children, whether they are crawling, in a walker, on a trike, in a stroller or on a bike. They are also not something to play on as the risk of injury due to a fall is very real. Unfortunately babies and toddlers don’t appreciate the risks and rely on their parents to provide information and safe use of stairs.