Tissue review

We uncover the best tissues with our latest review, which looks at softness, absorption and strength.

We also have a tissue buying guide, which includes tips on certification and why you shouldn’t flush issues:


Bless you :sneezing_face: for doing the review :smile: .


@meltam :laughing: :laughing:

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Reading this update, the "Allure’ brand (unknown to me), appeared to be a very good buy - only 1% off the top score, & substantially cheaper. So I googled the brand & the company appears to be in India: made me think about “food” miles…
The details for the product’s origin, in this review, are listed as " Australia* " - but I couldn’t find an explanation for the asterisk. Does this mean packaged in Oz, but manufactured in India?? Or some other iteration that hides the fact that it’s not a genuinely Australian product?
If so - shouldn’t this information be included (as a warning) in the ‘Any other enviro claims’ ?
I may be way off the mark, but - I do try to Buy Australian as often as possible: it’s important to me that product labelling reflects the percentage of (genuine) Australian involvement.


Hi @evanstrish3, an asterix (*) indicates the product was manufactured in Australia from imported ingredients. Apologies that this wasn’t made clear, sometimes you need to hover the mouse over the menu item to reveal more info about the category.

I think that each tissue box should also have a country of origin label, which should hopefully help with the purchase decision.

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And why people usually sneeze more than once.

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We’ve updated our tissue review, see the results here:


Interesting review, but still primarily a handkerchief user. I suffer hay fever still use handkerchiefs which about 30 years old. I can only imagine the number of tissues (and trees/cost) these handkerchiefs have saved over the years.

It would be interesting if Choice compared say a readily available handkerchief in the tissue review.

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