Tineco S3 Wet / Dry Vacuum cleaner - Reviews please

Looking at purchasing a Tineco Wet / Dry vacuum, reviews please

Hi @Suze, welcome to the community and your first contribution.

It would assist others if you are able to provide some information on the specifics of the vacuum cleaner you are considering buying. Think about how you plan to use the vacuum, such as ‘it is good at picking up dog hair’, ‘experience in cleaning wet surfaces such as bathrooms or kitchen’, ‘does it clean carpets/tiles/vinyl well’ etc.

Such will allow members, if they have experience with the vacuum to be better answer the sort of questions you have and also how it works with your expected use.


Most of us associate wet and dry with an industrial design like a bucket on wheels with an independent vacuum hose and hand piece.

Are you referring to the Godfrey’s listed Tineco FLOOR ONE S3 Hard Floor Cleaner? The model has a wet and dry feature in an over sized stick vacuum design. The parent manufacturing company is Chinese Ecovacs Robotics Inc.