Tights and stockings ladder test

Winter has set in and when it’s freezing outside, bare legs just aren’t going to cut it. Stockings are a winter wardrobe essential for the young and old. In fact, according to Euromonitor International, Australians spent almost $6 million on hosiery in 2015. But arguably one of the biggest questions when it comes to tights and stockings is the quality, particularly how easily some pairs ladder. With so many products on the market, ranging from $3.30 cheapies to a $75 luxury label, is there really a difference in quality? Or are you just paying for a brand name?

Read Natasha Patch’s article.

Great article! I’ve bought cheap and expensive stockings and it’s really great to get the lowdown on which ones are quality. I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing stockings because I struggled for so long to find stockings which last more than a wear or two. I’m glad I know now which brands are worth my money! :slight_smile:

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Wish I’d read that article many years ago. I once bought Wolford pantyhose (thinner than the ones you tested, mind you) thinking they would be a good investment. I didn’t wear them for a few years but when I put them on they laddered straight away. Wolford would not give me a refund even though I still the receipt. Grr.

I switched to stockings rather than pantyhose many years ago. That way if one leg ladders I don’t have to throw out the lot, but can pair the remaining one with another set. This requires purchase of several of the same style, of course. But I haven’t had to buy any for years.

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