TicketMaster experiences

We recently purchased theater tickets for seven seats, some $1,000+ through Ticketmaster in December for a February show. For one to print your tickets or send to the other 5 people it was a nightmare. Ticketmaster would only allow some ticket activities not before 72 hours before the show. Often they said when attempting to print on line their “My account” was busy several times, try later. We sent 10 emails over the last few weeks with not one answer. Phone nos you find only through Google stated Tickermaster only work on line. We gave up on Ticketmaster and will never use them again. We finally contacted the theater directly, The Regent, and they were very helpful. They also realize how much trouble Ticketmaster is for many/most of their customers around tickets.


That had to be seriously frustrating and glad the Regent was able to be helpful.

Ticketmaster is often a monopoly for ticketing for many entertainment venues or specific shows.

They will probably continue to use Ticketmaster rather than one of the competitors since they look at ticketing as a business issue not a customer service issue at the end of the day.

As the use of ticketing platforms becomes more common I always try to make a direct booking when possible to avoid the sometimes ridiculous service charges the platforms often add. In prior years I was never knocked back but this year I was directed to an event’s online booking service that added a $20 service fee. I suspect the contract was tightened up to disallow them taking direct bookings thus diluting the platform’s take.

There are ever more outstretched hands taking a cut in ever more parts of the payment world.


Did you think about using e-tickets rather then trying to print them out. Information on e-tickets and how to get them is here…

It requires logging into your account, which you are having problems doing… but may be a an alternative to consider.

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I have never had an issue with accessing tickets from Ticketmaster.

Usually there are up to 3 delivery options:

  1. Hard ticket posted
  2. Printable tickets (which I’ve received via email on
    completion of purchase)
  3. Ticket delivery via SMS (again immediately after

Were you actually purchasing from Ticketmaster?