Ticketek Tickets Handling Charge

I purchased 4 tickets from Ticketek that cost $120.00 to an event and was then charged $6.95 handling fees. The fees were for sending me an email with links to either download the codes to mobile phones or print out the codes to paper for use to access the function.
I am amazed that a fee of 5.79% can be charged for me having to do all the ‘handling’.


Hi @algis, welcome to the community.

Were the fees disclosed at the point of sale/purchase of the tickets?

If it was and you proceeded with the purchase, technically you have agreed with the charge. If they weren’t disclosed at the time of purchase but were added later (say only found the charge by looking at your credit card statement or the issued tickets after purchase), you have grounds to request a refund as the purchase was misleading and didn’t disclose all fees associated with the transaction.

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