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The Ultimate Guide to Heating your Home

It’s getting to that time of year again where the winter coats are being dusted off and hot chocolate is back on the menu. Read our advice on how to keep your home warm this winter, including some tips to save energy and money.

Do you have a winter warmer tip you can share? Please post it in the comments below.


In regards to heaters i bought a ceramic heater only a small one but i find the bad deal with them specially when i went to only just use it right now is dust has collected in between the fan and the part that heats up.I have tried to vacuum front and back of the heater with no luck of getting the dust out where it collects. Just my opinion about these choice is it is a bad design as the dust collects and the fan cannot push the hot air through to heat efficiently enough. When i purchased it originally seemed fine but the dust gets caught where part of the heating fins are. I think i will buy a column heater as that worked quite well the last time i had one. I dont have a huge amount of area to heat something cost effective. Thumbs down to all those ceramic heaters i wont buy another one ever again due to poor design and not being able to adequately clean between the fan and the heating part.Designers need to rethink about making them easier to clean.The only way to clean it properly is unscrew the back cover which i suppose i should not attempt as it it may damage it and i am not returning it for a service. Be aware everybody about ceramic heaters not worth it.


I don’t know if this is beyond the scope of a “tip” but I will pass on some valuable advice given to me by a sparky/refrigeration friend doing some work at my home. We have a reverse cycle ducted system with usual ceiling vents and return. He said to force the return air to floor level before it enters the return grille. In our case the return grille is in the bedroom hallway so we installed a vent in the bottom of the hallway door and close the door when the heating is on. Wow does it make a difference.

I used a multi sensor datalogger to see air temperature profiles when heating. With the door open it
appears air is heated in a distinct layer from ceiling to about 100mm below the top of the doorway and just keeps cycling and increasing the differential between cold air below and warm/hot air above. With the door closed it forces the differential layer close to the floor and makes the living area feel warmer faster.


Great tip @Geoff2, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:.

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Winter is on the way, here are some tips to keep warm:

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Electric heater vs air conditioner - which is cheaper? Find out below:


For those who rent their current abode rather than own, here are our heating picks:


You could also if moving to a new rental try to find a house with either ducted or Split systems to the rooms you want the heating in. More and more rentals are starting to come with at least 1 split system (normally the main bedroom). The other ideas in the article at least give some hope of warmth in colder weather.

Can portable reverse cycle A/c’s work to a renters advantage? Are they cost effective? Are they effective as heaters and/or coolers?

Are the in Window types worthwhile? Have they been tested?

They are expensive but if effective and efficient maybe worth the outlay?? (You can always take them with you to your next abode)


The (2.7 kw)

or (3.9 kw)

or the (6 kw)

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With a cold front predicted to be incoming in some areas, these tips can help you stay warm:


Up here in the Deep North, we have a very simple and totally free way to keep warm in winter.

Just don’t turn the aircons on.



One thing forgotten, while not something one does to their house but themselves, is to put on another layer of clothing. This might reduce the amount of heating required to keep warm.