" The story in your lies “

Recently was listening to one of my favourite songs by the Moody Blues titled " The Story in your eyes " One of their few songs that was politically motivated . It gave me an idea .

Recently I was " Crapped " on financially by a system and organisations that were supposedly put in place to protect me ( the consumer )

Seven years ago I had become a renter . I had a good working relation with the land lord , hang on that is politically incorrect . Chairman Dan says he is a "Rental Provider " Only one Lord in my life and he does not rent houses or rip people off .

I advised the property manager that I would be giving notice to move to "greener pastures " We will see about that . I was told all the dos and don’ts , naturally all their way . I did what they requested . I walked through the house with the property manager and was told apart from steam cleaning the carpets in 2 rooms all was good . It passed inspection.

I had paid $1100 for a skip for 4 days to get rid off some unwanted items etc . I was thinking I would get my bond back . After all the property manager said all was good .

In the meantime the Rental Provider had removed 2 big trees on the property . Things changed after that . I received an email from the property manager now telling me my bond would not cover repairs that needed doing to the house . Wait on a week before I had walked through the home with her and all was good . Now I was told the bond would not cover the repairs etc needed to re rent the property .

I had actually spent 20 minutes or so in this persons office a week before and all was very cordial . Why the change ? Next day after receiving the email from the property manager I received an email from the RTBA requiring me to remit my bond to the property managers company and the rental provider due to the money they were expending to make the property rentable .More about that shortly. SMS’s followed regularly until I gave consent for them to take my bond .

Naturally I was not happy with this . In the last 11 years I have lost over $2.2 million dollars in property due to a siblings utter incompetency . Another $1500 did not seem to matter at the time .But it did .I followed their instructions . They owed me my bond .

The story behind the story . I had put $4500 worth of air conditioning in the house . Kept the garden tidy . Was a lot to do . Purchased replacements mowers , line trimmers etc .

I had contracted covid omicron 4 a year ago and am still recovering but I paid cleaners out of my own pocket to come in weekly and do the house .

What it all boils down to is the property manager passed the house after inspection . After the inspection the owner had 2 large trees removed and I believe I subsidised the removal .

I should have had my installer rip out the 2 aircons . Nah I would not do that as that would make me as big a scumbag as them . Karma . What goes round comes around .


I can sympathise with this. My daughter sold her house ‘as is’, using the money to buy into another property. The next property was not ready so she requested she rent her own house from the new buyer for a few weeks. The rental was put in the hands of an agent. When my daughter moved, the rental agency required her to fix several things, but nothing had changed since the house sale. I have since heard from many renters that it is hard to get a bond back from this agency, they require vacating tenants to rectify items that should be deemed normal wear and tear, part of the landlord’s responsibility. Maybe it should be mandatory that when renting there be a document describing the condition of the rental as a tenant moves in. Otherwise agents have a free hand to impose excess conditions when the property is vacated.


A decade ago, the Council rented a house for me as employee housing while they waited for the house assigned to me to be available. It was rented through an agency. I took photos and disputed the original Condition Report which said all were in very good condition.

Come time to vacate, and the Agent did a vacating report that indicated expensive rectification - all floor coverings, window treatments, etc. The Council was about to pay, when I showed them the original photos and compared them to the vacating photos and the amended Condition Report. There was no change to the condition of any things they were claiming.

The Agent was the owner’s sister-in-law. She just “tried it on” in the hope of getting free improvements. The rent was steep as it was for a short period.


The lowest of the low in most places are the politicians, then the lawyers, then others. I suspect our agents have well and truly pushed aside the lawyers and are vying with the pollies (and possibly winning) for the bottom of the barrel gong.


The previous bottom of the barrel used to be used car salesmen. They look almost ethical these days in comparison to the estate agents.


We used to rent a unit through an agent that was a subsidiary of the developer ( Meriton ).

We decided to buy a unit in the same building and wanted to exit our lease early, but I arranged with a work colleague to take over the lease and this was OK’d by the agent who lived in the same complex.

We vacated the unit and delivered the keys to the agent on the agreed date. Colleague collected the keys from the agent the next day.

Next thing we know, we receive a letter to inform us that part of our bond has been withheld as we did not return the keys on the agreed date. Agent was suddenly missing in action and calls to the head office were shrugged off with “We are correct. You’re not.”

Had to pay to lodge a request for a tribunal hearing. Two days before the hearing date, I get a call from the agent to say that the hold on the bond has been removed. No apology and no way to claim from them the cost of the tribunal application.

I wondered if this was just something that they tried on with every renter. Withhold part of the bond and hope that they won’t bother pursuing it…


The first 10 frames in the link are considered by those polled as the most ethical, then it flips to the least ethical. Those on the bottom are not surprising with a score of -19.