The new Victorian P Turn

Just read an article on a new turning maneuver that has been introduced in Melbourne for at this time one intersection. They are calling it the P Turn and means if you want to turn at this intersection you must go to the next one to U turn and come back to turn in. They are saying it reduces congestion at this intersection…my thoughts are that it is just probably moving it one intersection up.

For an article on this new road feature go to

Madness maybe? or a stroke of genius? I guess only time will tell.


I can see why…reduces the number of different turning light cycles, thus increasing the time for straight through traffic. A problem may be shifting the problem somewnere else… it could cause the overloading of the next intersection by the (u) turning traffic.


Doesn’t seem particularly innovative like a DDI is for example (which is not a solution for this problem anyway, but …). I tend to agree - it will just change how the problem looks and move it slightly - ETA’s probably won’t change, other than in the spin story …


It is imported from the USA (isn’t everything imported?) and it actually works.

One would think it just distributes the congestion but by removing a backup caused by a turn only lane they can alleviate the follow-on effects by re-timing the traffic signals. It is not a perfect solution but it is helpful in the overall picture, and most importantly it is possible to implement and only requires modest $$ to do so.

For right-side driving it looks more like a P than for us.

…and just when you mastered the hook turn :smiley:


When I first obtained my drivers licence back in 1971 there were intersections in Melbourne GBD where you had to perform a similar turn . The reason being was to not impede trams by making a right hand turn in front of them .I think the intersections were any where there were tram tracks entering from all sides of the intersection . In those days and now we refer to them as "hook " turns ./

The only difference I can see is that we went from the left hand lane and parked in front of the traffic waiting to go through the intersection on the left of us , . Link below from VicRoads explains it . They are still required at some CBD intersections . They appear on the link after U turns if you scroll down . /