The HeySilkySkin "laser" hair remover

I bought one of these doover-lackeys from an advertisement on Facebook. Sorry now I did. When I received it I found it doesn’t seem to use a laser at all, just what looks like a camera flash tube. It came with a UK power supply and an Australian power supply (12 V 3A d.c.) but neither had safety certification marks of any sort on them, so I tossed the UK one and bought a suitable safety-certified power supply from a local brick-and-mortar electronics store to operate it. The operating instructions for the device tell you not to treat the same area more than three times in a session, but doesn’t really tell you why. I’m guessing it’s because the UV from the flash tube would probably cause skin burns, and maybe be a melanoma risk as well? Not happy. Guess I should’ve returned it for a refund except I’ve already binned the UK power adapter so can’t return that part of it.


There are 28 reviews of the product on TrustPilot, with an average of 2/5. Three of the reviews are 5 star, but none of them seem particularly convincing and two were posted on the same day by people with only one review on the site.


Thanks, I’ll cross post to there then.

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