"The Grand Tour " with Top Gear Team Geo Blocked .How to watch

Jeremy Clarkson , James May and Richard Hammond from Top Gear make a welcome return in new show The Grand Tour . Being owned by Amazon Prime naturally it is Geo blocked to the countries shown in the link . Click on link to find out how to get around block

Amazon Prime is being released in Australia soonish it would seem but you can already access it here. Here is an article about it:

So if you are willing to set it up on the UK or US site you get their global access.

Or if you are happy to install the Opera browser on your PC you can use their built-in VPN service to appear as if you are in the US.


I doff my hat to you grahroll! You (OK, Opera) have solved a long standing problem I have had with my ISP. They are blacklisted from a select few US government services sites such as social security and a US state drivers license site. I have been going to them via my mobile internet service, my library, via a VPN service, and via a rellie’s PC located in the USA. The sites are happy to respond via Opera’s VPN, how simple!

(my ISP has otherwise been reliable, good enough and at the right price so I have not been wiling to endure the irritation and possible lapse in service to change for this relatively minor annouyance, but with NBN neigh and it anecdotally being as [either] painless or problem fraught to change to NBN with another ISP as well as the current, I’ll be re-evaluating after a 15 year run with them.)