The dangers of spray-on cosmetics and personal care products

We’ve looked at the health risks of spray-on cosmetics and what you can do to ensure you stay safe.

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I appreciate the balanced view this article brings - thank you Karina Bray! The title led me to believe that this was going to be another of the internet’s pseudo-scientific articles purporting the dangers of everything because of #chemicalz! But it clearly explains that the ingredients are safe if applied topically, and that there is not enough evidence to be certain of any danger or safety when inhaled. Thank you for the great article to everyone involved, and especially Karina :slight_smile:


I suppose I needn’t worry as don’t use aerosols or sprays for cosmetics or personal care products. I find that the fragrances/chemicals in such aggravate my hay fever, whilst I select non-spray ones which don’t.

I also find that it us easier to control the application when using creams, roll-ons or liquids and find it is a lot harder to judge the coverage/rate of application using a spraying device.


Thanks Natural Thought - that’s a great summary, and I appreciate the feedback!