The damaging cost of consumer leases like Radio Rentals

@TonyIbrahim explains why consumer advocacy groups are banding together against consumer leases and payday loans.

Do you have any experience renting appliances? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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A follow up on the above, a class action lawsuit has been brought against Radio Rentals. The suit alleges the consumer lease company took advantage of the financially vulnerable.

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The link does not be appear to be working, The Choice page comes up with it’s MIA message.

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Radio Rentals is set to refund more than 250,000 leases:


Harvey Norman have sent an email about signing up to “Lisa” (Flexirent) to read more about “Lisa” see:

From the email I received (links and other parts removed for easier reading):

"Technology and models have a habit of changing, not to mention our own needs, so it makes sense to lease. That’s why Lisa can be so liberating.

How it works

Find something you love from our wide range of products.

Find out if you’re eligible. Apply online today.

Simply sign your contract, collect your goods and start enjoying them now.

Lisa cares.

Your goods will be protected from accidental loss, accidental damage and theft. 1

Lisa means business.

Got an ABN? You could benefit from tax deductions 2. In fact, when you consider all the benefits, Lisa is great for business on many levels.

Lisa loves education.

Crazy things can happen with kids. But with repair and replacement 3 on offer, leasing for educational purposes can prove quite useful.

Lisa gives old goods new life.

After your lease, Lisa sells and repurposes your old goods to schools and communities in need around the world 4.

  1. Subject to terms and conditions and important exclusions and limitations. 2. Tax deductions may apply for business customers or those using the goods for work-related purposes. See your tax advisor for details. Lisa. does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. 3. FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 2 business days subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and request made during business hours. 4. Arranged through a third party provider in accordance with its requirements.

Credit approved applicants only; fees, terms and conditions apply - available at Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd ABN 93 064 046 046 is the financier and holds Australian Credit Licence Number 394735 (Flexirent). © Lisa. is a trademark of Flexirent, a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited.

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Oh so simple Consumer Credit NOT!…watch out for payments you will make and never owning the goods in the end.


That reinforces nobody except franchisees actually do business with Harvey Norman, and Harvey Norman is nothing but a franchising company with zero end-customer relationships.