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The cost of music: digital vs physical

After watching some interview with Paul McCartney on the garbage morning TV program, my wife made the mistake of actually buying the spruiked CD today for $42.99.

It is absolute garbage.

I only overheard the first track and it was about the worst thing I have ever heard, and the rest is similar.

Save your money and avoid it like the plague.



Do you not like Paul McCartney? Why is it “the worst”? (FYI I would not have bought it off one of those shows either, but…)

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I have nothing against Paul McCartney and I liked a lot of his earlier work.

Don’t take my word for it. Hear it for yourself.

Whilst publications are required to disclose when an article is a paid advertisment or advertorial, there is obviously no such requirement on shonky TV programs.

“Today on Studio 10, we have a very special guest here to talk about his sequel to his now infamous autobiography " It’s Not About The Bike”

"Good morning Lance. What can you tell us about your fantastic new book “It’s All About The Idiot On It”

“Yakety Yak. Blah Blah. Drivel Drivel. Dribble Dribble”.

Cut cameras and microphones.

“On your way out Lance, make sure you stop at the cashier’s desk to pay our fees”


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Well, its different, but its not “bad”. I quite liked it.

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Hang on. choke gasp. $42.99 for a CD? When it is on You Tube for free?


As the old saying goes “Buy in haste, regret at leisure”.

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It appears that you’re in the minority, @Fred123.

Have you actually listened to it?

Surely you are not suggesting that listening is necessary for all those music critics?

I just want to know what Paul McCartney recordings are worse?

I listened to the whole album on Youtube. All I can say is that it is music to have in the background whilst you are awaiting the ambulance after suffering a stroke. I’m with @Fred123. It is self-indulgent nothingness.


Appreciation of music is highly subjective, like any art (work).

Some music is pleasant to listen to, while others grate on the malleus , incus and stapes. I don’t know anyone who likes every genres and every musician, or even every song/tune from every musician.


My tastes tend to be fairly catholic, but there are some genres I struggle with. Anything atonal, for instance, or experimental. I am currently forcing myself to listen to some of Pink Floyd’s weirder works. There are some post-classical composers that are a mess, and I have trouble with music that does not restrict itself to the seven tone scales with which I have been raised (i.e. not from the European tradition).

I also dislike western music, although country is of course fine.


Where are all those bagpipe solos?
We have plenty of band music options to choose from. So few renditions from ‘The Lone Piper’ to add feeling to that last nightly dram after a less than inspiring day. An extra dram seems to always raise the spirits and dull the musical senses adequately.

Our Grandfathers (for some of us) could reminisce of the days of the great town bands of the 1930’s. A town’s pride was well represented with it’s band. While some had them march boldly through the streets of Singapore in 1942. Or much early carry the wounded on stretches in The Great War.

Agree there is much trash music and many second rate musicians these days. Music has so many different meanings and evokes different feelings and memories.

How can anyone judge one over another as better or worse?
Is my trash any less smellier than your trash?
It seems unlikely.

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A pibroch by any other name would smell as sweet.

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This is available on Spotify for those who use the platform. I quite like most of McCartney’s work up until his vocal cords began to tire and deteriorate with old age. When he speaks nowadays he’s almost breathless and you get the impression he’s having difficulty finding enough wind to get an entire sentence out. This in turn has affected his ability to sing a straight note as he gets older from one album release to the next. Most of the songs on this album are afflicted by his old man singing voice and he doesn’t quite hit the right notes anymore, so much as warble around them. He doesn’t do himself any favours by continuing to write songs in keys that were perfect for him when he was in his 20s, 30s and 40s. He’s still trying to hit those high notes and he struggles immensely with them. He needs to retire. Age has not been kind to his talents.


It’s $AUD16.99 on iTunes

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Totally free on YouTube. Hope you didn’t fork out what Itunes wants @Cheshbr.

No. I subscribe to Apple Music and pay nothing beyond the AM subscription, which costs me less than $Aud10 a month, far less than I used to spend on music when CDs and records cost $30+ each. I only mention the iTunes price to show the difference between the $42 mentioned elsewhere. I do use YouTube as well, but for mobility, Apple Music works in the car, on our phones and iPads, and several Apple and Amazon smart speakers

I can’t understand what a CD of music has to do with Choice
Music isn’t anything to do with a fault in manufacture or such

Just saying