The big energy companies are going "GREEN" but what's in it for us?

Interesting read from Canstar Blue again concerning AGL and Energy Australia and their moves to renewable energy and how and when it will affect us .

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I think they are going greenwashed, rather than green! The ads on TV are all about greenwashing, ignoring the vast amounts of CO2 and other pollutants they are spewing into the atmosphere. AGL is still the largest GHG polluter in Australia.


I agree with that . It all seems like a lot of spin .


Mike, you could post that on any topic where our “illustrious” government is involved and it would be a bulls eye every time!


I find it strange that AGL rates so highly as a green energy provider when they are one of Australia’s largest, if not the largest, carbon polluters. Could Choice please do an article explaining this?

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AGL and others and their Green claims have been noted on this site several times. I have moved your post into an existing topic on AGL green claims.

Thank you for your post.

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