Thanatos Ransomware

Another ransomware scam rears it’s head. Thanatos is a new encryptor that is in the wild. Once your files are encrypted you are offered the chance to pay $200 in cryptocurrency to decrypt the files Thanatos is the first of these ransomware to allow payment in Bitcoin Cash, an offshoot of Bitcoin. The biggest sting in all this is that the encryption tool does not save the key so even the scammers can’t un-encrypt your files even if you paid.

The advice is 1. Don’t pay and 2. If you need the files contact a computer security firm for assistance as a Brute Force attempt may be able to un-encrypt the files. Of course the best fix is prevention so make sure you are using good security software eg good AV and Antimalware products, don’t open strange emails and attachments and be careful where you go on the web and please have reliable backups of your important data.


I think the biggest scam with Australia Post is they charge for something they erroneously call a ‘service’ :wink: