Term Deposits

Many of my senior friends are in the same boat as me

As I am 83 but who knows live to 103 ,we have all been doing term deposit , now we either give up or go on cruises or do what I have been considering ,that is investing in Stocks pot,Amethyst which is their safest fund

Could you write an article on it as the conversation goes around and around eg. recession ,interest, or close our eyes and give in

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Welcome to the forum Gerry!

I have to opine that reviewing specific investments such as Stockspot products is beyond Choice, and as none of ‘us’ are investment advisers possibly illegal to give any related investing advice beyond the most general, that might or might not be appropriate in any case. You would be best placed to consult a financial adviser, broker, or do your own research noting past performance is no guarantee of future success. :wink:

Such is the advice from the share market. It is designed to keep buyers buying and sellers selling because their income is in trading commissions and funds under management. ‘Go this way, go that way, keep the trades churning!’, not saying all advice is bad (or good), just saying.


Hi Gerry,
It’s great to see some comments from someone still enjoying life and travel.

As @PhilT pointed out financial advice is a specialist service.

I used to buy a number of different periodicals, a EG Money, and take on board their more general advice. They often assess different market options and products. Australian Personal Investor used to be a great resource, however I have not seen it for many many years.

Every one of us has different circumstances, which is why financial advisors can be useful. You did not mention super! I have an industry super scheme. They provide a free financial advice service for the whole of our interests. Not all super providers do so. Recent history of financial advisors is also a checkerboard of good and bad examples.

Whatever individual circumstances are, for older Australians, most advisors and super tends to take a conservative defensive approach to investment. Cash, fixed interest, government bonds, and low risk high yielding shares for a small portion only.

This tends to leave the retiree free from risk of market crashes, but highly exposed to capital erosion through inflation over the longer term. Conservative strategies may not keep up with higher inflationary trends.

The only certainty could be that you can’t take it all with you. Although some of us see value in leaving a reasonable inheritance.

Money did have a service where they responded to readers investment questions. If only I’d known 40+ years ago what I know today. Back when a fully serviced quarter acre urban block could be had for the price of a new car or less.

Hope you remain in good health and can find a reliable advisor, or other dependable resource.




From my reading it is a Robo advisor ie it is a mathematical calculation of investments. I would only be guessing at what algorithms they are using to derive the advice they give. It would be better speaking to some brokers and/or investment advisors for their opinions and then weighing up that feedback into whether to use the system/s or not.

CHOICE may decide to review Robo Investment systems as a whole as to their safety etc but specific ones requires from my understanding a Financial Services Licence and I don’t think CHOICE would step into that market.

What I could find on them (This is no recommendation about whether the system is safe or not) as advice from other sources was: