Telstra White Pages Advertising

Just received a bill for white pages advertising that I didn’t want. Turns out I agreed to it 16 months ago…which I cant remember doing. I don’t want it because when I googled my business, the white pages result wasn’t even on the first page. My first contact in 16 months, regarding this advertising was receiving the bill…conveniently (for them) a few weeks too late to cancel, as the useless books that no one uses, have been printed already.


I’ve had a couple of cases where I couldn’t remember authorising something - In each I requested proof I had done so - one case they had it and I had to accept it. I’d ask for proof - not just something ‘their system’ says - email scan or voice, they should be able to reproduce it - that’s why they claim to keep these confirmations, ultimately if you lodge formal complaints or proceedings they’ll need to cough it up anyway or agree they have no proof.

Re Google Search - I expect White Pages do what they can to make their content look enticing to index, but ultimately even if there are commercial agreements in place between Google/White Pages - the search results are entirely Google’s domain … I doubt White Pages make any representations as to your placement in Google Search results ??

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Given that I dont remember talking to them I don’t know what promises they made…

I will ask for proof. Thanks for the tip.

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When we used them, there used to be a significant lead time with the publication of the paper version of the phone books. It depended on where in the publication cycle they were. I am not sure if it still is, but the digitized version used to be linked to the print version. So you probably came in on the start of their cycle which is why it took so long.

I agree with @draughtrider, they need to be able to furnish you with evidence of your agreement, otherwise there is no contract and you don’t owe them anything.

As to the order you appear in, well that is a completely different story. Within the phonebook listings, it depends on the size of the ad (biggest ones first down to the smallest), how long you have advertised (oldest ads first to newest), etc. Within Google, it depends on whether it is a paid ad, and the number of clicks the ad has had, and on the proximity to the user, etc. So nothing is straight forward in relation to order, regardless of what you may have been told.

Wow. Just spent an hour on the phone with them - finally got to the point that they were going to refund me, and then I said “great, after that I’ll switch to Optus” - and they said they wouldn’t do a refund if I did that! Wow. So dodgy Telstra.