Telstra support service complaints

Having used this service twice I now strongly suspect it is some kind of computer generated responder, not an actual person. Any information on this? Is there any way you can actually talk to a Telstra person in Australia? Wanted to report a scam from someone offering domestic phone deal, but asking for personal information - our phone is with OPTUS.

I’ve mainly had good service. But at least the language doesn’t get in the way. But I have also on occasion been bounced around. But that seems to be the norm lately.

What I found was that the replies were neutral and didn’t respond to my actual content - a bit like Siri. I’m not convinced it was an actual person

hahahaaaa OK I’ll give that one… That’s funny

I once spoke to someone via Telstra 24x7 online chat and he seemed to be taking forever to respond, or would say he’d be back after sorting something out on the computer for me. He was definitely working from a script in a call centre somewhere. After a few long waits, he started asking random questions which had nothing to do with my problem. Eventually he confessed that he was handling multiple enquiries at the same time from multiple people and he wasn’t actually sorting things out for me at all. That was just his cover story while he talked to the other people he was juggling. I put in a formal complaint to Telstra and was told they’d council the person I had been dealing with. Never heard anything else about it after that. I find it’s best to phone during office hours. 24x7 after hours can be pretty hit or miss depending on who takes your call.

Hi Jennifer,
I haven’t used the Telstra one (I’ve given up using them because they frustrate me) but the ones I have used in the past, did not even come close to answering the question I was asking, even when I reworded it in the simplest possible way.
I came to the conclusion that it was computer generated, thinking it would be pure idiocy to employ people for a chatline, who could not understand the simplest of questions, much less answer them.

Your call is valuable to us. Please wait. You are 763 in the queue…

Have you tried unplugging all your devices except an old fashioned cord phone and rebooted your modem…

Please phone back after you have tried it…




I’ve used the Telstra support chat a couple of times (I was already logged into the my Telstra account on-line) and it was very useful. Got the issues sorted out quite quickly and I was chatting with real people. In one case they could fix part of my issue but had to hand me over to somebody else to finish it off which happened. I have never tried it cold (i.e. not being logged on).

Just had a positive experience. Tried the 24x7 online chat, during business hours, and was 4th in the queue. Only took a few minutes. The person at the other end quickly deduced that I’d need to speak with their NBN staff who can only be contacted by phone. So he then called me on my mobile and transferred me to the correct dept. It’s usually always better to initiate contact during business hours with this mob. Problem was solved quickly.

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I’ve had positive experiences with the Telstra chat. Considerably easier than the phone. I write out my details (name, date of birth etc) first, plus the problem. Then cut and paste on to the chat page when someone answers. Saves a lot of back and forth. Also, always print or save the chat afterwards.

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I once lost my calm demeanour after being bounced around in a Telstra queue going nowhere. It appeared that the automated system picked up the change in the tone of my voice and connected me to an operator immediately. Not something I’d recommend however.

My experience has been all positive. Earlier this year I switched to Telstra, after many years with another provider. I did all the enquiry, signing up and subsequent dealings via online chat, and found the service very good. And it’s definitely not a computer generated response! Also, being able to save the communication so I have a written record of what transpired is very important to me. That’s why I chose online chat over phone. I like to have it in writing. I will continue using chat when I need to communicate with Telstra in future.
Good advice from carolsug re cutting and pasting, especially if you’re a slow two-finger-typist like me!


Does anyone have a telephone number for a person at Telstra who:

  1. Knows something about communications - preferably the Internet
  2. Is domiciled in Australia
  3. Can clearly communicate at an understandable technical level

I have had a problem with my Internet. My super-dooper modem won’t show a green light. It is constantly on blue which means that I am getting a wireless service instead of the wired ADSL.

Now, I was on to a Telstra person some weeks ago because I couldn’t get my emails on Outlook. She changed my username to my current email address and gave me a new password. I still couldn’t get the emails on Outlook though.

Well, silly me, I thought that changing my username and password would be changed on everything I had with Telstra. Oh, no, deary me, no. The username for that webpage still uses the old username and password which I found out today.

I had tried using the chat business on the Telstra website to talk to Technical people but unfortunately I found that they were not able to help me resolve the problem, so today I thought i would ring up. I took 4 'phone calls before I could finally get connected. The other calls - either someone hung up or nothing happened.

I find it odd that for a company that is supposed to be in the communications business Telstra are nigh near impossible to contact…


The number is 1800 882 389 but appears to be accessible only during business hours. Unlike when I first used the number (August 2020) and being connected immediately, it now appears that queuing is the default but there is / was a call-back option.


The only way @Dlanod to have your problems addressed is to pay the extra monthly fee to join the Telstra Platinum Package . The techs are all located in Australia . They are very courteous and very knowledgeable about the internet . I had the same problem with Outlook recently . Wasted half a day with the normal Telstra Techs . Mostly off shore call centres . One of them transferred me to the Telstra Platinum Techs . They took remote control of my computer from their end and had me back in business in 10 minutes . I know you should not have to pay extra for a service you expect but believe me if it a computer used for business and being down is costing you money it is worth every penny .

It is also tax deductible if you are in business . I hope this helps .