Telstra Broadband Protect

I received my new Telstra bill with a nasty surprise - a charge of $9.95 for something called Telstra Broadband Protect. I had not requested this service, been offered it, seen it included in any literature about my plan or been given the chance of opting out. I have adequate protection and as a pensioner I just can’t afford to pay for something I don’t need. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Can Telstra just add on charges in this way?


I presume you immediately rang Telstra and demanded they remove it and refund you, as well as explain how it became authorised?

If you are not happy with their answer make a formal complaint to the TIO (which at the end of the day is an industry body, but worth a try) as well as ACMA.

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@DDD I found a link to Telstra Broadband Protect .It says on their website .

“Telstra Broadband Protect is the easy way to help you and your family stay safe online on any device connected to your Telstra home broadband service. The service is just $9.95/month or added at no additional cost with a new Telstra home broadband bundle (purchased after 30 June 2015).”

I read that as you having to be offered the service to purchase . Not having it added on to your bill without your knowledge . Take it further as advised in the post above . The link to the Telstra Site is below .

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Hopefully you can cancel this @DDD, but if you’re running in to issues doing so please let me know.

As an aside, does anyone have any views on this service compared to other popular anti-virus and security software?

I have used other options over the years, a headache downloading etc etc., (I am not technically alert) and I am so happy with the telstra option, also use their tech support, have had it for 3-4yrs now, I would be up the creek without a paddle without them. They are so knowledgable and patient with me, makes it a pleasure now to use the computer, and no longer panic when a problem happens.


Good to hear this worked out for you @Shorthair1 :+1: