"Telstra" and a new robo-call scam

There would be few who have not had a call from “The Windows Department” or “Telstra”, scammers trying to get access to your computer or personal details. There is a new mutation in the field, the “Telstra” robo-call.

The opening of the recording is that your internet will be cut off to save you from a dreaded problem with your computer! You then get 5 options and some apparent self-advertising. This introduction is done with Australian/American accented voices which sound vaguely authentic. You even have option 5 to hang up! They cannot be scammers or why would they not want to talk to you? Of course they are counting on people wanting to know why their internet is being terminated.

When you choose an option to get more details it is the same old echoic call centre with accents from Mumbai or Manilla. There is no problem with your computer and they are not from Telstra.

I didn’t take it any further so I don’t know if they want to download malware or to extract personal and/or bank details. The remedy is the same as always, don’t tell them anything and don’t let them do anything to your computer, just hang up.


Good advice! Thanks for sharing this @syncretic


And I had another one yesterday that I hadn’t encountered before. Once again it was “Telstra”, this time calling to arrange to connect me to the NBN. I asked when this might take place, and he said January. When I laughed and said I’d be really happy if they connected me to the NBN, but they were clearly not from Telstra, the caller (with an Indian accent) couldn’t work out why I was amused. He had my address so he could easily have found out that the NB isn’t scheduled to be installed for at least 2 years. I didn’t tell him that, of course. No need to give them clues as to how to be more successful in their scamming!