TELSTRA : A survey on an informational void?

Received a letter from Telstra today , I have my email , mobs with them etc , telling me they had shut down one of my accounts . It was not one of my accounts so I decided , as I was free all day today and was not working , to phone them . Sarcasm intended .
I phoned the number given on the aforesaid letter and was greeted with the standard " You have phoned Telstra we will be with you as soon as possible " Bit disappointed I did not have to press various numbers to find the right Department . /
Waited 30 minutes on the phone , I wish they would update their music , when buzz buzz click click and a female prerecorded voice tells me " We are sorry no customer service agents are available to help you today " a short pause then this " We would appreciate if you could hold online to to a short survey regarding our "customer service " and was your problem resolved " or something to that effect . I could not stop laughing . Waited another 10 minutes phoned them again , got straight thru , problem resolved . One wonders re the vagaries of Telstra .


An intelligence void!
My GP just had 2 weeks without phone or internet because some clerk in that big stink accidentally deleted his entire account, even managed to wipe all records of his account! You have to wonder, what level of intelligence someone at the level would need, to manage something so far beyond merely clumsy?
As well as, whether Telstra has ever heard of words like security, backups, passwords?