Telstra 4G breakdown Greenvale Vic area

Since June 1st the 4G system has gone down in our area and we only have 3G. The 3G service has very poor reception and it is hard to make and receive calls without lots of drops outs.

Telstra advised the 4G system has been down since June 1st and apologise but they can’t advise when it will be restored. So far it is 7 weeks without 4G and still no end in sight. This is hopeless.

I have contacted the Telephone ombudsman today but are interested if others have similar issues.


Hi @davidlcleland, any updates on the Telstra service situation?

I took it to the TIO and Telstra went out of its way to contact me regularily from their Tech team as well as their TIO team. I was getting confusing and contradictory answers. In the mean time the service seemed to improve so we agreed to close the case. Alas since then the service has dropped again with drop outs. Frustrating.

Very frustrating. If you’re not already doing so, recording some speed tests from your device might help build a case if the issue doesn’t get resolved. I can also refer you to our CHOICE Help service if you feel like you want some more detailed advice.