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My partner has with RT health for years.
He added myself and our children to the policy last December,
I was injured in March and have been trying everything I can to get better (physio, exercises, giving it time, lifestyle modifications ect).
It is now September and it has finally come to the point of needing surgical intervention.
I contacted RT health as soon as it had come to this point with the item numbers to see if I would be covered,
I was told yes, the item numbers were covered by my policy. The staff member then asked when I was planning to have the surgery and then told me I would not be covered because it was 3 months before the end of the 12 month wait for “pre existing conditions”.
I stated that this was not a “pre existing condition and asked how I would go about gaining access to my cover,
They said they’d send me the forms to give to my gp and to the specialist to fill out.
It took them 3 days and multiple phone calls to follow up with them to have these forms sent to me.
Once I had the forms filled out and sent back to them with supporting evidence that this wasn’t preexisting prior to taking out the policy,
I was told it would take 5 days for them to make a decision…
It’s now been 5 business days, I’ve called twice to follow up and been told that they don’t know what’s happening or how long it will take to make a decision, this is adding so much stress to a already stressful situation.
I’m supposed to be admitted to hospital in 1 week today and instead of planning ahead for my recovery; I’m following up a health fund…
This injury is severely impacting my quality of life and mental health, I just want to know if they will cover me in time for the procedure.


@Jessica2 Thanks for sharing your experience. If your injury resulted from an accident it is not pre-existing and the 12 month waiting time does not apply. I would suggest to [contact the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman] today.

It may also help to email RT Health again and inform them you have logged a complaint with the Ombudsman and informed us, feel free to cc your email to and keep us up-to-date how your are going.

Good luck,



The Private Insurance Ombudsman has a page that is superficially instructive prior to lodging a complaint.

including COVID-19 impacts on their operations and alternative ways to contact them at