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Looks like Peoplecare has iOS & Android app based claiming.


Thanks @eli21 You’re right. They have an app called ‘Larry’ We’ve updated the details on our Peoplecare fund page.


Sorry to drag up an old thread but my recent experience with Peoplecare should be a warning to others.

I have been a Peoplecare member for a number of years and recently looked at the rebate I had been getting as my Physio commented when driving the Hicaps machine that the rebate wasn’t much. I was interested as the Physios fee had gone up again and I apparently have been paying for the 'Comprehensive Extras" as well as the top hospital cover. When I switched to Peoplecare from Medibank, the rebates for items such as Physio were much better.

So I had a look. The rebate for Physio had not increased for at least 2 years. I asked Peoplecare why and the response was that your ‘product’ has been withdrawn from sale and once that happens, rebates do not increase. I then worked out that my premiums had increased by over 10% in the past two years and sent an email back asking why they, as a ‘non-profit’ health fund that is ‘there for their members’, have a policy that is on the face of it unethical. I have received the usual automated ‘we’ll get back to you’ response and since then (about 2 weeks ago) nothing.

My Peoplecare policy is paid until Monday - from Tuesday I’m covered by TUH’s Union Health.


No need to apologise about dragging up this thread, on the contrary we appreciate you sharing your experience.

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