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This company behaves unconscionably. It forced us to pay more than $3,600 in pre-admission costs to a private hospital, when in fact our policy covered the full cost all along. It’s customer service is woeful. Avoid insuring with this fund.


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It seems a Private patient in a Private room at a Public Hospital is different to a Private Patient in a Private room at a Private Hospital. According to the following article “HCF, the nation’s largest non-profit fund, advised members on Monday it was clawing back higher fees charged by public hospitals in NSW and the ACT, leaving members there with out-of-pocket expenses of $320 per night”. It seems the Public NSW & ACT Hospital systems charge $752 per night for a private patient compared to around $450 a night in other States. I am not sure of what the bed cost per day in NSW in a Private Hospital is so can’t compare like to like but CHOICE may have some information on that.

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