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Having been with HBF for close to 40 years I was recently shocked after having two dental treatments to discover that because I did not use their “preferred provider” I was given $882 less in rebate than someone paying same premium who used their “preferred provider” dentist. When I made a complaint I was told that all insurance funds do it, and that I was sent information about the new “provider system” in 2005! Was more than upset as those who are choosing own dentists are subsidizing the larger rebates to others who have “complied” and changed their dentists. I was told it was not an illegal practice, but is it ethical? The same dollar amount per item should be given to all members on the same level of cover regardless who they see. To top off, HBF are not taking on any more “preferred providers” in the Perth region, so this obviously is going to further affect the dental industry.


HBF cuts to hospital policies are now in place: