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Hello. Upon leaving school at age 15, my first boss ensured that I immediately signed up for Hospital insurance coverage with his fund – a mutual fund, called GUOOF. I remained a member for decades, until it was bought out by Australian Unity – with a big consideration in that sale, being that Australian Unity was also a mutual organisation; and remain with Australian Unity – very happily since then.

We have always found them to be honest, fair, trustworthy, and reputable, in all of our dealings with them. We accordingly rate them VERY HIGHLY and recommend them accordingly.

We have only one small criticism, which I suspect would probably apply to all funds, but in ignorance I have no way of knowing if this is so or not.
That is, with our kids no longer being dependent upon us, we still pay a ‘family’ rate, for just the two of us parents. This rate is exactly double the single rate.

We have to pay the first $250 of claims each year – EACH.
BUT this is not related to WHO / which of us is claiming.
My wife is the ONLY one of us who needs hospitalisation, regularly, so she has to pay $250 for her first hospitalisation (for day treatments), and then another $250 for her second hospitalisation. Thereafter she does not pay anything further.

Whereas, if she paid just the SINGLE rate of contributions, she would only have to pay that $250 ONCE, not twice.

Nevertheless, Australian Unity recently sent us an information sheet, showing how much we have paid in contributions, and the huge, far greater amount , that they have paid out for my wife’s hospitalisations; so we are certainly receiving great value-for-money from Australian Unity; as well as excellent service from them whenever we require personal interactions with their wonderful administrative staff.

Hoping that this will assist your study.


I have been with Australian Unity for 35 years now, and now pay $230 month (includes extras) would rather not pay so much, however cannot do without the cover, such peace of mind.
I have also found them to be helpful, courteous and generally above board with everything.
Could recommend them to anyone really.

I’ve been with Australian Unity since John Howard blackmailed us all into private health insurance. I took out Gold cover after bad experiences with Australian ER care led me to believe you need to select care carefully in Australia.

I pay $372/month for high end protective cover (that new policies don’t offer). The price increases are staggering. My cover is great in that the annual limits are high eg $800 worth of chiro per year, $600 alt therapies, $1500 major dental.

But it’s so expensive and for standard treatments like dental the returns are only about 50%.

I have a rare genetic condition. I need gold hospital cover. I cannot plan ahead fir my condition and when things happen they require immediate treatment that only a few surgeons are able to perform. Much of my major necessary health expenses would be paying for specialists with big gap fees in surgery and no cover in consult (that’s a horrible thing that they don’t cover a cent of) so I can’t afford to see them half the time even when I really need to.

The extras cover is variable. The extras on the policy are broad. I need some stuff regularly and some sporadically. The cover varies hugely. eg chiro is great at 80% but dental is only 50%, so I can’t afford all the treatments I need anyway.

I wish we still had a healthcare system where senior medical were limited to reasonable charges and I wish health insurance actually covered health needs. What are the ethics of charging people an arm and a leg just to get part payment that more or less equals the premium just in case something happens that costs a lot more. It’s kind of double dipping into the pockets of people who are fish in a bucket.

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