TEFAL spares

Be careful if you considering buying a Tefal home product: I have asked them why they don’t list any elements for their airfryers in their spare parts listing and the reply is they don’t have any. Have referred it to ACCC.

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Hi @GregB, welcome to the community.

Elements are often not shown as spare parts on manufacturer websites as they aren’t considered a retail part (noting the Tefal website has retail accessory listings and not spare parts for repairs). In Australia and as heating elements should only be replaced by a qualified electrician/service technician, manufacturers don’t make them available to consumers who own the products.

Tefal elements may however available to trade purchasers through trade spare part portals or through trade contact. This is very common practice in the appliance industry to prevent consumers, who may not be suitably qualified, to repair their own electrical appliances.

We have struck this with Fisher and Paykel saying they don’t have an oven element, when it was available for purchase by an electrician (who was a mate who rang for a price). We ended up getting it from an online spare parts store cheaper.

Notwithstanding this and if we assume it isn’t possible to get airfryer elements direct from Tefal, Tefal airfryer heating elements are available in Australia from other suppliers if one searches online. As OEM (genuine Tefal) spare elements are available in Australia through its authorised service agents (finding one’s closest authorised service centre can be found here), then the ACCC statement…

When a consumer buys a product, the manufacturer or importer must provide spare parts and repair facilities for a reasonable time after purchase. This applies even if the consumer did not buy the goods directly from the manufacturer or importer.

has been met.