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Tea Life introduces biodegradable paper tea bags

A company that I buy my loose leaf decaf tea from online ,Tea , has introduced environmentally friendly tea bags ( no plastic ). Follow this link to find out more details .


I like the idea of empty tea bags
because I can fill them with any loose leaf tea of my choice and make them as strong or as weak as I wish. Biodegradable is a bonus.
Do they only supply the bags if you buy the tea from them, Mike?


I find one of these.
Works perfectly fine for me.
No strings attached. :slightly_smiling_face: 575

I’ve a larger one for the small teapot. Used tea direct to compost bucket.


Been looking for something similar without success, even though it means emptying and washing, and also the tea I got is so fine that would probably pass right through :neutral_face:


I use an older version of one of these…

3 cup for individual serve. Also have an 8 cup for up to 3 mugs.

Just needs rinsing between uses and lasts many years (providing it isn’t dropped). Makes a good cuppa using one’s preferred loose leaf tea. Just carefully pump a few times to get the leaves moving to ensure a well steeped tea.

Used to have the above tea ball, but found they broke after a while and sometimes wouldn’t close fully leaking leaves into the tea.


I buy their loose leaf decaf tea from Tea Life. I can’t have caffeine due to medically diagnosed IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome ) I take some bags I fill with the loose decaf to friends so when they are making a brew I can partake with them .

No the bags are extra . $7.90 per 100 . The decaf loose leaf tea is $29.00 a 160g pack . It is CO2 method decaffeinated and is leaf tea not the powder you get from Dilmah or Tetley’s in their decaf tea bags


I had one of those but it never closed properly so now I just have an insert which works as well for pot or mug, only the quantity of tea matters. And the quality, of course.