Taking care of Terrazzo tiles

I am moving into a new Townhouse with Teratzzo tiles. A steam mop is not recommended for teratzzo tiles. Would a norwex microfire mop be good, and is it better than enjoi? Are Norwex products worth the money?


Hi @HelenM, welcome to the community.

Any static microfibre type mop would also work okay and you may find them to be far cheaper if you shop around. If you need to wet to clean (e.g. to remove soil of buildups), use a cloth and bucket or any traditional mops.

We have used a static mop/vacuum on Terrazzo in the past and it has worked well. A damp cloth/mop clean every so often is also needed.

One can also vacuum them as well on the brush/hardfloor setting. Terrazzo can be softer and more porous than usual tile glazing so care is needed to protect it from cleaning things which may scratch it or soak into it.


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