Takeaway coffee cups and recycling

If you recycle, disposable coffee cups should perhaps be the exception to the rule according to CHOICE’s @AlisonPotter. We look at some of the challenges our thirst for on-the-go coffee creates, and some easy solutions.

“submission currently unavailable” under the article, so I’ll post my comment here.

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, so this whole obsession with coffee is something of a mystery to me :wink:
However, my wife drinks it, often buying a cup or 2 per day when in town, but she takes her own stainless steel mini thermos type coffee cup with a sealable pop-top. The main issue seems to be that some places want to charge her for a large cup, but it only holds a small cups worth of coffee. Fortunately at the places she frequents, they know this now :slight_smile:


@gordon glad your wife remembers. I’m a lot like the person @AlisonPotter describes in the article - I forget or am too lazy. My new (achievable) New Year’s resolution is to only get a coffee if I’m using my keep cup!

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Naturally these cups should be made as recyclable, but it seems that they are not. I feel that regardless of their ability to be recycled, it is still a waste of resources so I avoid takeaway coffee wherever possible. I feel that coffee tastes so much better in a china cup, so I prefer to sit down and have a leisurely cup of coffee rather than drinking on the go.


The local coffee shop where I work allows and encourages people to bring in their own cups, they also give a 10% discount if you do, a savings of 45c each cup of coffee.


I’m on the search for a new keep cup!

Last year I failed miserably to find the right one - it needs to fit into my car cup holder and with an older version Honda Civic - I discovered girth of the cups to be an issue - any suggestions out there? I’m still enjoying a coffee or two but prefer to tread lightly this year. Thanks in advance.

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My wife has one of the Cheeki mugs in stainless steel, and a friend reckons his Thermos mug is pretty good

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Thanks @gordon . I’ve contacted the company to confirm the mug’s dimensions. Looks like a cheeki investment might be on the cards! all the best Susie

Press release from the City of Sydney:


No need for takeaway coffe cups with this machine in your car.