Support for Adobe (or other) Software Scams

This one could catch anyone out as it is the consumer who makes contact with the scammers. The consumer is, tricked into thinking that the help/information website found as a result of the google search is legitimate and will provide assistance to a problem one may have with software.

I suppose one way to avoid this is to go directly to the software manufacturer/developer website to see if they have a support or help area. In this case, Adobe does:


It’s also a good idea to “disable” your webcam unless you use it a lot. That could mean

  • If it’s a separate USB webcam then don’t leave it plugged in. Plug it in when you need it.
  • If it’s integrated into a laptop then tape something opaque over it, potentially some kind of cover that can be flipped up when you do need to use the webcam.
  • Alternatively, use the laptop with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse - and keep the laptop closed unless you need to use the webcam,

This might all seem like overkill to prevent an unauthorised “product” testimonial being posted to YouTube. However webcam abuse is by no means limited to the above particular scam, so by taking the steps that I am suggesting, you are also preventing many past and future security and privacy problems.


Always remember a while back when i saw a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and on his computer his webcam was all covered up lol


I always have a somewhat roughly torn corner of a post-it note on mine … agreed, its not overkill and can be very simple to address … being in IT since it was called EDP, I don’t trust software solutions :wink: