Supermarket Tricks

An article regarding how supermarkets get shoppers to spend more.

I was in Coles recently on a Sunday and picked up what i thought was a ticketed special of 2 for $7 packets of chips . Three days later , same shop , same product on special for $2.32 / pack ( 30% cheaper again ) .
The week before I was in Woolworths and noticed the $ 5 everyday price tag on some 250gm butter . There was a 400gm same brand on shelf alongside , but price tag was missing . Turned out the 250gm size was actually a third more expensive per 100 gm . Coincidence ?


One of the ‘best’ I have seen was Heinz Beans on sale for $1.50 a can. Right next to that display was the Heinz Beans ‘Value Pack’ of 3 of the same cans in a wrap for $2, regular price.

Marketing psychology is a quite advanced ‘science’.


I have noticed the larger item is dearer than the smaller. We have been “educated” that it is cheaper to buy bigger, but a number of products I buy regularly have turned this upside down. Thank goodness for Unit Pricing!

For example -
Black & Gold Sliced Beetroot 425g $0.78 - Unit Price $0.18/100g
Black & Gold Sliced Beetroot 825g $1.95 (Everyday Low Prices Tag) - Unit $0.24/100g