Superannuation Fund letters communicating legislative changes - Request for help

CHOICE is closely monitoring how effectively superannuation funds are communicating recently legislated changes to insurance cover.

If you (or someone in your family) gets a letter from a super fund about insurance over the next few weeks, could you black out any personal information and send it to You can put a Post-it note over the name and address and take a photo on your phone (as below), or to scan and send us a PDF.

Not everyone will get a letter. Superannuation funds have until 1 December to write or email members who have a superannuation balance under $6000 to advise them that they may no longer have (death and disability) insurance cover after 1 April 2020, and to consider opting-in to retain cover. This will almost exclusively impact young people, recent migrants, and people with multiple or part-time jobs.

We are very grateful for any assistance - thank you!


There have been two major legislated changes this year to default insurance arrangements in superannuation.

After the first change (April), super funds made a poor attempt at communicating, prompting ASIC to issue a cautionary press release (linked here)

We wrote an open letter to all super funds after the second change (September), which wasn’t exactly received warmly: (

But a few weeks later (October), ASIC also wrote to super funds reiterating many of our concerns (linked here)

Super funds have until 1 December to notify any members with balances under $6000, who will have four months to decide whether to “opt in” to maintain insurance cover.


  1. Please blot out any personal details and send any upcoming communications to

  2. If you have any old letters (or emails) in your superannuation filing cabinet (from April through June this year), we’d be very grateful to see those too.


For example, if the super fund does not provide any insurance that is associated with the super fund then this whole problem goes away. I think my super fund does not. So I am not expecting a letter.

I wonder whether the government considered the option of simply banning super funds from doing this i.e. forcing super funds to stick to being … super funds.


An article regarding poorly performing funds.