Sunlight exposure harming goods - is there a rating system?

I don’t know whether it is possible but I would appreciate an accurate rating for UV proofing of goods. I have just been going through some plastic crates that I had things stored in. Many of the lids have become so brittle that they crack. Some just have a single crack along the edge but with others the lid has cracked in half. I have had the same trouble with plastic tubs shattering because of exposure to sunlight. Most of these crates have been stored inside but get the sunlight through windows. Octopus straps and similar tying devices suffer the same fate - The strap part just falls in half if they are left tying something outside. There are many other goods that suffer the same fate. Is there any test that shows the resistance to UV exposure? I’d happily pay twice as much to get stuff that doesn’t suffer a short life due to this problem.

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Many plastics fall apart after surprisingly brief periods of exposure to UV in sunlight, but I’ve found black plastic items such as tubs, barrels, boxes etc generally lasts much longer than clear or coloured ones. Unfortunately they get hotter faster too, so it is still best to keep them in the shade if the contents are heat sensitive.

My rating system for UV exposure to plastics is:
black = good resistance
all other colours = keep out of the sunlight.

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Look for UV stabilized (I think that’s the term) products.

Yes, correct term (with an s instead of a z for Aussies :slight_smile: ). However, my UV stabilised plastic tarps still fall apart in a year or so

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Ugh… thanks for picking up the spelling faux pas @gordon.

I have the same problem with things perishing outside, even when they are not in the sun. Damn those pesky rays.

I agree about the black or even dark coloured UV stabiliSed plastic being better. I also work on the principle that the faster the colour fades, the faster it’s going to perish .