Sturdy pet door for both cat and dog

Hi all,
Any one bought a cat door that lasted a long time? I’m after one for a 900mm external insulated wall in an the laundry extension currently being built and one for a solid wood door into said laundry. So we can shut the laundry and pet can still get out.
And thinking of a medium dog door that can be used by current little cat and also future dog.
I tried ideal pet doors but the doggie ones cannot be used by cat. The cat ones are just the plastic ones that are available everywhere else and too small for dog.
I found some that look god called plexidoor but wow $800! Anyone bought one?


My anecdote - we used (sorry don’t know the brand) dog doors that were aluminium framed and the “door” was a bendable rubber see through panel that draped down, kept closed enuf by a mild magnet on the bottom of the flap. I’d think a cat could would have the body weight to open ever the med/large dog ones we had, once it learned how. From memory they were about $100 each at a pet store.


Thanks for contributing to the discussion I appreciate it


We also had one that was transparent rubberised or plastic, that functioned the same. It took a little training. Our King Charles Spaniel soon mastered it. The preferred method a tap with the paw to get it to move away before head down and thru. With how their eye sockets were she seemed to find a way to minimise contact using the technique. Doubtless a cat would also cope.

Not sure it would be large enough for

Medium dog equals a Kelpie up to a Labrador?
Whether a cat could handle a larger/heavier door?