Stronger enforcement of consumer rights and penalties for dodgy companies like Innergreen

While Innergreen claims to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, the refuse returns, refunds, or exchanges. They also advertise their ‘eco fibre’ made from recycled plastic water bottles as a ‘green’ solution. However, creating micro plastics is actually worse for the environment than the original plastic bottle - also horrible for the environment.

While Innergreen shipped me a completely incorrect product (plastic, not corn fibre), they refused to correct their error through a return, refund, or exchange. I have put the issue through Fair Trading NSW and while Fair Trading ageed with me and Innergreen promised both the correct item and a full refund, Innergreen failed to follow through. Fair Trading has no power to penalise the company or require them to comply with legislation.

Unfortunately, dodgy companies like Innergreen are allowed to continue with their dodgy practices as the only escalation option is an expensive tribunal process. Is anyone aware of any possible upcoming changes to legislation or enforcement to provide Fair Trading with more powers and penalties for dodgy companies like Innergreen?


@BrendanMays with regard to @Yienna issue can Chioce throw any light on any other ways to be compensated? Thanks.


My punt is the ACL and system is working exactly as intended. It is good legislation for dealing with upstanding and honest companies (I have had a few non-trivial “wins” from the ACL), but it is window dressing when the company is dodgy because prosecuting takes effort so it is left to the aggrieved to “pay the freight”.

Our governments look at taxes and their jobs and a P/L exercise. Many of us think government should be a zero sum game over time because taxes are supposed to be for our benefit, not government/pollies benefit at the end of the day. Funny about that, not. Hence when something goes to the wall government puts it in the too costly bag and leaves us adrift.

I think the legislation is fine and the offices and staff are already in place. Unfortunately, Fair Trading has no powers to enforce the legislation or penalise dodgy companies. The costly tribunal process is only worth it on large purchases. The average purchase relies entirely on companies to do the right thing and allows dodgy companies to continue. When changes were made to International Education legislation a few years ago, the first changes were all about enforcement and penalties, followed by an extra round of audits to allow formal closure of dodgy organisations.

Hello @yienna,

Sorry to hear about the issues with Innergreen. I’ll pass on your report about the microplastics issue too, which could be Shonky indeed. It’s a shame Fair Trading couldn’t provide a better resolution. While they can undertake legal action, you are correct in that it can be very difficult in individual situation.

I have a couple of further option for you, which I think would also perform a service to warn other consumers of your experience. According to their LinkedIN page, Innergreen supply the following furniture retailers: Freedom, Fantastic Furniture, Marimeko, Pony Rider and Top 3. It could be worthwhile leaving a review on their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see if that garners a response.

You could also give Law Access a call on 1300 888 529, and see if they can provide any further individual advice that can help your situation. All the best and thanks for letting us know.

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