Stick blender with an on/ off/speed switch

I am looking for a stick blender with a switch rather than something you need to press and hold.
It is for my mum who has carpel tunnell, which makes her fingers numb and she has no strength in her hands.
All the brands I looked at required pressure to get the blade working.


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There are two issues, the primary one being safety. A stick blender in ‘on’ that is dropped would be quite dangerous. To compound that the buttons are usually stiff to avoid accidental pushing/starting the blade. It is also probable an on/off switch cycle would not suit having a short quick ‘mix’ as would the push button.

A secondary issue is they are not designed for prolonged use so the duty cycle is in seconds not minutes before they start overheating their motors. If one did have an on/off it would be designed for longer use, but see the above comment.

Would a milk shake/drink mixer or hand mixer be an acceptable substitution?

FWIW there are surgeries that successfully treat carpal tunnel. My partner had both her wrists done about 25 years ago. Traditional open cut should be avoided, some surgeons might still use a 2 hole portal, but the best is a single portal technique. You might seek a surgeon for an evaluation as it could solve more problems for your mum than just using a stick blender.


Or a standard bench blender or food processor…


Thanks for the explanation. I now understand why I can’t get what I want.