Stand alone milk warmer

I’m trying to find a good milk warmer that isn’t part of a coffee machine. I just want to heat soy, oat or almond milk for lattes, without using the stove top.

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Welcome @Chris56

There are more universal appliances that can be purchased as individual products. You mentioned latte.
Not a product brand recommendation, there are a variety of brands. Some have similar and others fewer features. Look for ones that have a non frothing option. The stirring action heats the milk more evenly and avoids burning etc.


Thanks for advice about frothing. Hadn’t thought of that. Will keep looking.


Do you have a microwave? I just heat my milk in the mug for 2 minutes, remove the ‘skin’ from the top of the milk, stir in my chosen product, and it’s done! Depending on the microwave, time may have to be adjusted for personal taste, and to prevent milk from boiling over.


Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a microwave but prefer not to warm soy milk that way. I’ve checked out a few milk warmers and am going to try one. :hugs:


I also drink soy and purchased a Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Frother 2 years ago. It provides several options - very frothed milk, milk that’s less frothed like you would see on a flat white (my favourite) and also cold versions of the above options. My only criticism is the milk is not super hot although I would still buy it again after using it every day.

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Welcome @Missindy

Others in the community will find that feedback informative.
If one was looking at other choices what else might be worth a look?

Thanks for the info. I’m still looking at milk warmers and this one you mentioned sounds like a good choice.

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