Stan - misleading advertising/promotion?

I cancelled my Stan membership about eight months ago. Two days ago I received an email headed " Reactivate & get a free upgrade to 4K Ultra HD now on Stan".

The text of the email couldn’t be clearer: Reactivate now in one easy step and get upgraded to Stan Premium for the standard price.

The standard price is $10.

I reactivated on the basis of the promise made in the advertisement that if I reactivated my account I would get premium for the price of standard. When I reactivated, I did not change my plan or look at other options as I thought, based on the email, that the simple reactivation of my suspended account would provide the premium features as promised in the email.

I then went to try the new feature and it didn’t work! I checked my account and I was on the standard plan. I wrote to their customer support to find out why the premium services hadn’t been activated.

They told me that the offer was for a one month trial of the premium plan that I had to select when I reactivated (i.e. reactivate then change plan or change plan then reactivate - two steps!!!).

The offer of $10 for premium for one month as a trial is an option made available to every existing customer of Stan.

At the end of the trial month, premium costs $15 - 50% more than standard. This doesn’t sound FREE to me.

I feel the information in the email is misleading and deceptive as there is nothing in the advertising to indicate the offer is only for a one month trial and is exactly the same as everyone else already gets. It sounds like bait advertising to me.

A limit of one month with an automatic 50% price increase is not “some boring condition” - it is a significant matter. It requires a former customer not just to reactivate their account but to look at small print, change their plan and agree to pay a 50% higher cost in the future unless they downgrade within the first month.

I just want my money back. I do not want to have anything to do with Stan again. I have not watched any shows on Stan. They refuse to refund me my money - the customer “service” people don’t have authority to do this - not even for $10.

I’ve asked them to treat my request as a complaint and escalate it appropriately.

What do other community members think?


It reads like it could fall into false and misleading advertising. If they continue to reject your request for a refund send them a receipted (proof they received it) formal and dispassionate demand using the processes and words described in the ACL. The managing director or similar is usually a good addressee if it has to go by post. If it goes by email cc their media representative from any PR release as well as your state consumer affairs office and ACCC. Keep copious records of every communication in real time, not notes after the fact. Include the names, dates, and times of all conversations and try to get everything good or bad in writing (eg email or rmail).

Good luck.


I tried to copy the email in but I could only transfer the images as the gifs are used to activate the underlying code. But as @gds says the advertising looks like it is offering the premium 4k content for only $10 if you reactivate. I also add that the boring conditions for this offer are not really spelt out in the Terms and Conditions.

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