Spotlight made to measure curtains Made in Australia 3 months to deliver. Quoted 4-6 weeks

Just checking if others have experienced 3 months wait time for delivery from Spotlight of curtains. Nothing fancy only 3 sheer full-length curtains and tracks. Telephoned again today, third time, after previous delivery advice was late October. We are now on " priority list" for mid-November delivery into store. Still have to get in queue for installation. Originally advised 4 to 6 weeks which we begrudgingly accepted. Paid 50% deposit $1250 22/8/22. No interest payable on funds.
Spotlight advised its just normal now for up to 3 months delivery. Covid, raw materials supply and demand issues.
Suggest anyone thinking of ordering made to measure curtains from Spotlight factor in 3 months waiting time.


Seems a long time to wait. Especially when you have paid part of it. Can only suggest your rights. If not already done.

Made in Australia doesn’t mean they’re not waiting for e.g. Chinese materials .
Remember China has a zero Covid policy that has shut down their factories.