Speccy by Piriform , a great free little Computer monitoring tool

Most computer geeks and computer savvy users know of CCleaner .A great program for cleaning "cookies " browser history and various other functions from your computer . A tool best left in the default mode until the user becomes familiar with it’s options etc . Piriform also have developed Speccy .As the name implies it brings up all the specifications of your computer in one window .Sure if you know how you can punch in a command line and bring up some specs .Unless you do that all the time you soon forget the coding .
For the consumer where it will save you money is if you have to call in a Tech you can run it and say , for instance your CPU is running at 91C , way to hot , and the main fan is running at 1200RPM and noisy .The machine is throttling (running slow ) . You have just told him a) Your CPU fan is defective and needs replacing b) Your fan CPU assembly may need a good clean and new heat sink paste .You’ve done the diagnostic for him and saved yourself maybe $80-$100 dollars My tech did not even know about the program . Now he installs it on all the machines he builds for ease of servicing . How to download and install it Go to the Pirform website .Link below . It monitors all Temperatures on your machine , motherboard , core temp etc , all networks connected Just check it out yourself .


HI @vax2000
Another good suggestion. I completely agree about the usefulness of Speccy. I have been using all the Piriform products for years.

I download it directly from Piriform at http://www.piriform.com/speccy rather than going to Filehippo.

I would also strongly recommend their other tools such as Defragger and Recuva too.


The program does look good. Just a note of warning when downloading Speccy, the Filehippo website also has ads for other programs that are not free, it can be quite easy to get the program.

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I love Speccy. It was a great help in identifying problems with my previous laptop. I could see the warnings about the S.M.A.R.T. issues, copy them into a forum, and find out that my hard drive was dying. I replaced the hard drive reasonably cheaply and kept it going a lot longer.

I also use Piriform’s own website.