Sourdough Bread

Woolworths Sourdough bread is expensive . I am happy to pay this if I was getting the REAL DEAL. I have read and been told by experts that true Sourdough Bread must not have Yeast as stated in contents. But Woolworths does. It should not have this label therefore. I should not be charged $6 for a small loaf of white bread.

It depends on what you mean by ‘yeast’. If you mean dried or bakers’ yeast that statement is correct. If you mean a starter derived from previous sourdough batches that contains yeasts it is not. I don’t know which Woollies mean.

If you make bread with no yeast at all it will be flatbread (or possibly soda bread) but it will not have any yeasty character.

If you like the Woollies version then enjoy it, if not buy something else.


You can also get sourdough bread starter in packet form…which includes yeasts.

Sourdough bread is made with wild lactobacillaceae and yeast. Placing yeast as an ingredient is correct and is important for those who may have reactions to yeasts.


We have been buying LAUCKE BAROSSA SOURDOUGH RYE for the bread maker and yeast is added manually which is supplied in the box. We are very happy with the end product. There are 4 packs in the box and we certainly didn’t pay $24 for it. Hope this helps.