Solidteknics 26 cm and 30 cm Aus ion satin Skillets

Over the last 6 months I have been using a pair of Solidteknics Aus Ion skillets . I’ve always used cast iron the past but was finding the weight of some of the larger skillets off putting ./

The Solidteknics are roughly half the weight of the cat iron which is a bonus and I found them extremely easy to season . I would highly recommend them for those that enjoy using a quality product . Another bonus is that they are Australian made . I will put a link to their web site below.


Would work very well on induction cook tops as well. Nice looking pans. Have you had any buckling issues?


No Graham none what so ever . My cleaning routine consists of taking the skillet off the gas flame and running it under hot water , a light going over with a stiff nylon brush , back on the heat to dry out then Extra virgin olive oil buffed in then heat off . Even running under hot water will crack and buckle some makes . No problems here .


Thank you, will look into them as I agree the cast iron gets heavier even with the same pot over the years…I am sure someone is adding weight to them somehow.


Looked at the site - so these are just metal? seasoned but plain? I’ve always gone stainless except my wok and frying pan which are spun steel from Sovereign Hill (You can buy them and have them shipped) which I have seasoned myself - they still rust a bit, but easy to clean - they don’t look ‘flash’ but I feel happy with them :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at the cast/wrought stuff - yes very heavy which I don’t mind so much being a little on the ‘gorilla’ side myself, but lighter with the same benefits does sound good. Looking forward to seeing if theres more comments/support in this thread … thanks!


@draughtrider I have a spun steel Sov Hill wok too . Not flash but does the job . Thanks for your comments in the thread .


Hi Mike

Thanks for the tip. We’ve been on the lookout for a cast iron frypan/skillet for a while, but not found one we were happy with.

Is the small one in you pic the 22cm or 26cm? I know you wrote 26, but it seems so much smaller than the 30cm.

Looking for resellers of the 30cm Aus-Ion skillet, interestingly, I found it is available from Amazon USA for $175 ("+skillet), but not from Amazon Australia. And even from the US they are cheaper than the Le Creuset cast iron frypans.

Guess I’ll have to actually get out and visit the shops to look at them.


Hey Tamas how are you ?

The skillet is 26cm .I purchased mine from Kitchen Warehouse Online and jumped on a %20 discount they were offering . It lists on the website where you can purchase them . I purchased the 30 cm from Everten Online ./

You would be more than happy with these skillets . I’ve used a few brands now and nothing comes near them . The Yanks think they are the best thing since sliced bread :smiley: Feel free to give me a yell if you need anymore information .


Tamas follow this link to Kitchen Warehouse they have a special on Solidteknics . $129 for the 26cm

Check out this Everten Online link too