Solar Feed in payments VIC

The Solar Feed in Tariffs in Victoria are changing on 1 July 2018. This is part of the aim to give a fairer pricing for Feed in back to the grid. Interestingly it will vary depending on the time of the day the power is going back into the grid. Another good reason to have a smart meter :slight_smile:

To read a news article about the changes see:


That will be a good scheme when it comes in, and will improve returns for those with panels facing West, rather than to the North.
You can also help better match typical household demand profiles by having East as well as West facing panels, to give a more evenly distributed energy output, instead of a solar-noon peak.


What that does not reference is that if you have solar your plan probably charges quite a premium on the power you take from the grid. Last time I checked (1~2 years?) the ‘solar’ plans were (from a failing memory) around $0.33 kwh and the non-solar plans were $0.29 or less regardless of what they paid for your generation.

Mandating what they pay you can be smoke and mirrors if they do not also regulate (or at least prominently advertise) what they charge you.


Yes, some retailers certainly offer dud plans for solar households.

However, some new entrants to the market plan to give solar households a better deal, such as DC Power, who are aiming to crowd fund a new retailer


I ran the Vic power compare tool as both a solar paneled house and a non solar and usage rates were the same for whether solar or not with the same provider plans. Between providers rates varied.


Life with utilities has apparently moved on :slight_smile: